Thursday, September 16, 2004

Later That Day

Well, just before 1pm, the power went out, and this time stayed out. I guess enough of the local power grid went down to push us over the edge. At roughly 6pm, it came back, but the cable has stayed out, so I'm able to type, but not connect. Fortunately, we can watch the Weather Channel, as the sat dish works fine. (Satellite: 1, Cable: 0).

I'm also unable to get through to Pensacola by phone tonite, which I'm guessing is more from everybody calling the folks who didn't evac than downed lines, as things were fine this morning.

Winds died down after about 3pm here, and the rain stopped by 6pm or so.

It wasn't exactly a non-event, but it was much shorter and less dramatic than the forecast led me to believe. And I probably get to go back to work tomorrow (darnit).

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