Saturday, September 18, 2004

Ivan Woes Continue

Talked to my parents, and found that they're likely to be without power (in Pensacola) for 2-3 weeks. I offered again to come down and get them all, but dad said that Nanna (age 94? 97?) doesn't travel, so they'd stay put. Problem with that is that my mom is in an electric wheelchair, which stops moving unless charged every day or two.

Which led us to try to come up with a generator. I called around up here, and found that Lowe's was getting a load in, but they're $700 a-piece, which is more than any of us want to spend. I do want to get one for just such times, but getting one of the smaller ones for ~$400 is more my speed. I also thought of taking my power inverter down to them, and suggested that. Dad has found somebody nearby with a whole-house generator (complete w/500-gallon fuel tank) that'll let him charge up mom's battery, so he's going to try that first.

Being better prepared just took another step up on my list.

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