Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hurricane Ivan

Ivan's a-coming. We're away from the coast, but still expecting to get TS-force winds tomorrow, and just about everything is closed tomorrow and Friday. Son was delightfully excited to know I'm off from work tomorrow, which was heartwarming. So now we're just sitting in watching the Weather Channel and a few select websites, and reading some blogs. (Isn't RatherGate amusing?)

Anyway, we expect power to go out sometime tomorrow, and hope it's back on by Saturday.

In other news, SB Interstate 65 was reversed for a few hours to assist in the evacuation of Mobile/Pensacola/etc., which I wish I could have seen (and I've searched for pictures, to no avail). I would have loved to have driven NB on the wrong side (but then I think we all knew I was a geek, eh?)

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