Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Digital Archive Project

Okay, back into the gray. The Digital Archive Project makes an official project out of digitizing, archiving and sharing "the quirky, intellectual television shows that network executives are so fond of axing at the drop of a hat". They take the stand that they won't share "anything that is currently available (in print) on DVD or VHS, or is currently aired first-run or in wide syndication", making their gray a little bit whiter shade of pale.

The Good: this is where MySpleen.com gets most of their MST3K eps. They are working on high-quality DVD-versions of some shows. The Bad (or at least dubious): they use EDonkey2000, which rumor has it is slower than BitTorrent (if only due to many fewer users), and has apparently fewer clients to choose from.

Anyway, it's an interesting and noteworthy idea by itself, and worthy of mention.

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