Wednesday, September 22, 2004

ARES Net Last Night

Tuned into a local ARES Net last night on my scanner. ARES stands for Amateur Radio Emergency Service, a group that assists in communication efforts during emergencies. I've been getting a bit more interested, or re-interested, in such things (I was a ham almost 15 years ago) since Ivan passed through and the lights went out. It would have been nice to have been able to make sure my family was safe and secure, then go out and help with either local efforts, or take a few days and head to Pensacola and assist there.

Anyway, the net took about 15 minutes (it's the first one I've ever listened to, but it seemed about average), had 12 people check in, and the only announcement was that someone(s) helped with police dispatching efforts on Thursday, during the height of the storm and after. Would that that could have been me.

Yes, this leads me to consider getting licensed again. We'll give this a while for me to cool down, but yes, I'd like to be more prepared for whatever hits next.

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