Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Karate put on hold

I hadn't mentioned karate in a while, and figured I should update that. We put it on hold for now. Several things contributed to this: money, time, enthusiasm. We're way short on money, and the lessons aren't cheap; Wife doesn't like how much time it takes (one of us is in class every night of the week, and Saturday mornings are usualy shot, too); Son has been much less enthused about taking it lately.

I'm still enthused about it, and would like to continue. It's great seeing my fitness level improve, and I like (most of) the folks at our school. Son has been cooperative (for a 7-yr-old), but it's still apparent that he's doing it to keep us happy, and not because he's that interested. We told him, "We're thinking about stopping lessons", and he replied "Oh, okay" and started talking about something else.

C'est la vie. <sigh>

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