Monday, July 12, 2004

Drop Trio, Big Dipper (, Jazz)

This review will clearly expose my limited musical vocabulary, but I've got to write this, just the same. The general tone of the album reminded me of an up-tempo the Bob James/David Sanborn Double Vision album; part of that, I assume, was the use of a Rhodes Piano on several tracks. Think the theme from Taxi, and just as enjoyable. Mellow in places, creative in others, and foot-tapping in still others. I loved the tracks off it I heard on the Magnatune Jazz radio mix, really liked this album as a whole, was sorry when it ended, and fully intend to buy it. (6/15/04)

Follow-up: Yeah, bought it, and downloaded the .WAV files. I may reduce them to MP3s at some point, but I'll burn the WAVs to a physical disk first. (7/12/04)

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