Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The Richins, from Centerville, UT

So I'm driving into work this morning, somewhat early (which is quite unusual, let me assure you), and I pull into the left-hand turn lane, to turn into our office park. This is on US-280, which is 3 lanes and quite busy. I'm southbound (or EB, whatever), and on the other side in the left-hand lane is a stalled car, with their hood up. I have a long light to wait through, so I'm watching people try to merge right to get around the car, and as usual, people are behaving badly, getting irate, honking at the stalled car, etc.

So I think, ya know, 3 lanes to their right is a turn lane, where they'd be out of the way. Maybe I can offer to push them over there, help them, help all of NB/WB 280. So I make a u-turn, and pull up behind them. Turns out they have Utah plates. I go up and knock on the window. It's a senior missionary couple for my church. I offer to help, and they gratefully accept. We wait for a light change, get them pushed over to the turn lane, and I let them use my cell phone (theirs wasn't working, apparently) to call AAA and get a wrecker.

And we chatted a bit. They're serving in Sylacauga, maybe 30 minutes south/east of Birmingham, and on the last week of their mission. Really nice folks.

Anyway, it's a really good thing to be able to help anyone, but quite a coincidence to have them be LDS as well, and break down at that spot. A good start to my day, anyway.

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