Friday, June 18, 2004

Avoid secular music?!

Listening to Sarah McDepressing this morning got me annoyed about having to wade through crap to get to music that works for me. So I went out and Googled for "secular music reviews" or somesuch, and got gobs of both web pages and Usenet articles claiming that, in essence, "any good Christian won't listen to secular music". And nothing (that I could find) that would point me to decent secular music.

I am stunned. Is there nobody else out there with an omnivorous love for music and high standards? And why should I feel it necessary to shun entire genres because of the poor quality of some of their members? I'm listening to Eric Johnson's Ah Via Musicom as I type this. There's nothing, after dozens of listenings, that I find even slightly objectionable about any of the lyrics on this CD, and about most of its tone; why should I get rid of this?

I've never really enjoyed listening to Christian music. Part of it has been a music quality issue; part is a theology issue. I'm listening to what other people believe, which often doesn't even come close to what I do, which makes it about as objectionable to me as immoral stuff.

Anyway, this is just a reactive entry, not something I've thought through completely, but it just seems completely wrong-sprited to me to make that kind of blanket statement.

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