Friday, March 14, 2003

Fooey, RSS bug

Well, found another "bug" in my RSS feed. Seems that putting in an 'o' with an umlaut, such as over the 'o' in Godel, causes my resulting RSS to be not well formed. Gotta fix that.

In other news, I switched this morning from AmphetaDesk to FeedReader. FeedReader is Open Source, available for Windows, will either fire up IE in an internal pane for reading (with the inherent problem that IE doesn't block popups), or let you use its internal (and blazingly fast, compared to AmphetaDesk) web server, (so you can use Mozilla, which does block popups). It apparently archives older articles as well, so Slashdot's feed now has a bit of value. All around, seems to be a win.

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