Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Disney's The Kid

And while we're talking about Bruce Willis, let's talk about:

Disney's The Kid

This one certainly will make it onto my movie shelf. It's a real feel-good flick, for all the right reasons. The premise is that Bruce Willis is a pushing-forty schmuck who works as an image consultant. Somehow, his 9-yr-old self comes to visit him; once Willis figures out that the 9-yr-old is really him, he assumes that it's so he (the schmuck) can help out himself (the 9-yr-old).

Willis is great in this; the great comic sense, while appearing to be a high-powered semi-ruthless business type. The 9-yr-old does his job great, too. Nothing sophisticated, just what you'd expect a 9-yr-old to be. And through it all, Lily Tomlin wonderfully plays Willis' wonderful, caring, and woefully underappreciated secretary.

So yes, this is about self-discovery, and de-schmuckifying one's self, and reaching your potential, and making yourself happy. All the stuff that life's about. This is one to watch any and every time it's on TV, and to let the kids stay up to watch, too, (as we've done already). Two thumbs way the heck up for this one, from both me and the missus.

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