Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Filename completion

Another little nice thing about Emacs 21 is with filename completion. Emacs has always (since I've used it) let you press Tab to complete a filename, and if there is more than one match, pressing Tab again will bring up a list of possible matches. I tend to often press Tab twice after getting to the desired directory, as this will bring up a list of files in that path. Previously, if you pressed Ctrl-Alt-V or Ctrl-Alt-Shift-V, you could page through this list if it was longer than one pagefull, (which is a bit tedious, and requires you to darn near be a pianist to accomplish). Now, pressing Tab some more will page through the list as well. Nifty. (Yes, I could have rebound the page keys myself, but this is a new default, and I like it.)

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